Dream Visions: Poet & Professor Yona Harvey (VIDEO)

In this documentary short, we explore the literary art of Yona Harvey and uncover a health issue facing America’s poets, artists, and adjunct teachers.

This film debuted yesterday in the Huffington Post article, “The War Against Poets and Adjuncts: Is Obamacare Enough?”

Directed, edited, and scored by Julie Sokolow
Cinematography by Tim Murray

March 31st Obamacare Enrollment Deadline etc!


Colin Powell speaks out for single-payer.

As the Obamacare enrollment deadline approaches (March 31st), we want to encourage the uninsured to explore their options at healthcare.gov.  So far, 6 million Americans have successfully enrolled!  Make sure you at least get your application going by March 31st and enjoy a bit of flexibility on completing your enrollment.

Obamacare is a first step towards a just and affordable health care system, but certainly not the last.  Awesome nonprofits around the country are currently hard at work, trying to win true universal health care in America through the single-payer system.  That means no deductibles and no copays; high quality, affordable, and comprehensive health care, guaranteed to all citizens.

Congratulations to our friends at Health Care 4 All PA for their recognition in “The Single-Payer Movement Expands” by Healthcare Finance News.  In a groundbreaking study, they’ve demonstrated how single-payer would provide quality health care to all citizens and cost far less than our current model – a model which still denies millions of Americans access to health care.  It takes the work of many around the country to bring about change, so consider volunteering with a single-payer nonprofit near you!

Spring 2014: Special Events

healthyartsts 2014 talks and screenings

Join us in Spring 2014 for talks, workshops, and film screenings!

Saturday March 22nd 2014: Single-Payer Workshop + Healthy Artists Screening at the New Economy Celebration - 3:15-4:15pm at Carnegie Mellon University, Baker Hall, Giant Eagle Auditorium – Pittsburgh, PA 15213 (free to register here)

Friday April 4th 2014: Screening of Healthy Artists: The Movie plus Q&A – 3-4:30pm at The University of Pittsburgh-Main Campus, Room 324 in the Cathedral of Learning – Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Tuesday April 8th 2014: Screening of Healthy Artists: The Movie plus Q&A at Pitt-Greensburg Writers Festival – 7-9pm at University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg Campus, 118 Village Hall – Greensburg, PA 15601 (more details here)

Sunday May 18th 2014: Talk from the creator of Healthy Artists, Julie Sokolow, at the Women in Film and Television International Summit - Time TBD at the Westin Convention Center, 1000 Penn Ave – Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (register and more details here)

Good Jobs, Healthy Pittsburgh Day of Action – March 3rd!

Make It Our UPMC

On March 3rd, rally with our friends at Make It Our UPMC in downtown Pittsburgh!  These incredible advocates strive for social justice in Pittsburgh – to support UPMC workers’ efforts to earn the living wages they deserve and need to survive.

UPMC is a global health enterprise and the largest employer, health provider, and landowner in Pittsburgh.  Despite its charitable, non-profit status it pays thousands of workers so little that they have to rely on food stamps, housing subsidies, and even public healthcare to get by.

Across our city, people are standing up and demanding that UPMC do better.  Join Make It Our UPMC on March 3rd for an all-day rally: “Good Jobs, Healthy Pittsburgh Day of Action.”  The rally starts at 12 pm - US Steel Tower, 600 Grant St. in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  Learn more at the Facebook Event Page.

NYT Story + Extra Artist Photos


Filmmaker Julie Sokolow, Poster Image by Jenn Gooch, Photo by Jeff Swensen

“I wanted to take a more positive approach, to not just focus on health care horror stories, but the people who would be empowered by a universal health care system,” Ms. Sokolow said.

The New York Times profiled Healthy Artists!  Read the full article here.

While NYT reporter Ben Sisario was visiting Pittsburgh, we introduced him to the “Unblurred” Art Crawl Scene on Penn Ave.  Skipping from one gallery to the next, we encountered a whirlwind of fabulous artists, friends and advocates.  We even bumped into Eanna Holton and China Horrell, who appear in the Healthy Artists documentary series. Brilliant photographer Jeff Swensen captured the action:

Photo Captions: 1) Studio Corrida Filmmakers Garret Jones and Anthony DeAngelis with GPAC Artist Relations Coordinator, Christiane Leach. 2) Julie Sokolow at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PA. 3) Artist Jia Ji and Julie Sokolow at Modern Formations Gallery. 4) Comic book artists, Dan McCloskey and Maggie Negrete. 5) Specter Studios Artist, China Horrell. 6) Nina Sauer, Co-Owner of Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. 7) Specter Studios artist, Eanna Holton. 8) Jason Sauer, Co-Owner of Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. 9) Eanna Holton and her son. 10) Paula Levin, Founder of The Literary Arts Boom (The LAB). 11) Installation at Assemble, a community space for art and technology. 12)  One Pittsburgh advocates, Eric Shannon and John Fitzgerald.

Healthy Artists: The Movie

Healthy Artists: The Movie chronicles a revolutionary moment in 2013 – One city’s art scene stood up for universal health care. The results were phenomenal!

Documentary by Garret Jones and Anthony DeAngelis.  Healthy Artists is made possible by HealthCare4AllPA’s Education Fund.  Please make a donation to their advocacy efforts towards winning a single-payer system in PA (and the USA)!

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Jon Stewart Will Save American Health Care. Article in SALON.

Jon_Stewart_photo by Robert Gordon

Photo by Robert Gordon

The producer of Healthy Artists, Julie Sokolow, just penned a fantastic piece on Jon Stewart’s contribution to the American health care debate.  Check out her Feb. 8 article in SALON.  Below is the piece with Feb. 9 additions on Obamacare.

As a 12-year-old suburban kid, “The Daily Show” opened my mind and won my heart. It was an odd favorite, because I otherwise avoided politics. The cathartic laughter over revelations of American hypocrisy and that calming moment of zen at the show’s end made it possible to learn about our government’s failures while staying optimistic. I never thought I’d someday be 26, still watching “The Daily Show”, and totally struck by this idea: Jon Stewart will help save America’s health care system.

When Stewart is not interviewing Scarlett Johansson or Johnny Knoxville, he’s building a strong case for why we must fight for a truly humane, affordable health care system – a single-payer universal health care system that substantially upgrades Obamacare. Thanks in part to guests like Johansson and Knoxville, “The Daily Show” is a megaphone reaching the key 18-49 age demographic; it ranks first place in all of current late night TV for winning our age group’s hearts and minds.
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