Documentary Series

 Healthy Artists (the movie!) featured in the New York Times

Healthy Artists: The Movie chronicles a revolutionary moment: One city’s art scene stood up for universal health care. The results were phenomenal.

Produced, directed, and edited  by Anthony DeAngelis and Garret Jones 
Feat.  Julie Sokolow,  Seth Clark,  Laurie Trok,  Andy Scott,  Lizzee Solomon,  Jim Rugg, and Steph Neary;  Music by The Harlan Twins, David Bernabo, etc


Sculptor Eanna Holton

Eanna Holton is a 28-year-old sculptor, make-up artist, and model.  She is also the business manager of Specter Studios – a Pittsburgh haunt company that produces masks, costumes, and props.  In this video, Eanna gives us a haunting tour of the studio.  She also tells us about her son’s health care crisis and her subsequent plight with medical bills.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Julie Sokolow


Actor Ken Bolden

Ken Bolden is a 53-year-old actor, scholar of 17th and 18th century literature, and teaching artist at the University of Pittsburgh.  In this video, Ken delivers a powerful monologue from the Merchant of Venice and tells us how he got into acting.  He also discusses the difficulty actors face when confronting America’s broken health care system.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Julie Sokolow


Musician, Conceptual Artist, and Crafter Jenn Gooch

Jenn Gooch is a 34-year-old artist, musician, and crafter.  In this video portrait, Jenn discusses her successful web-based community art project “One Cold Hand”.  Despite her artistic victories, Jenn suffered bankruptcy caused by medical bills.  This video tells her story.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Julie Sokolow


Poet Yona Harvey

Yona Harvey is a 37-year-old poet and professor.  In this video, Yona reveals her creative process and discusses the difficulty adjunct professors face in accessing health care.  Read our companion article at Huffington Post , “The War Against Poets and Adjuncts: Is Obamacare Enough?”

Produced, directed, and edited by Julie Sokolow
Cinematography and camerawork by Tim Murray


Painter Gabe Felice

Meet Gabe Felice, a 32-year-old psychedelic painter.  We follow Gabe as he installs his solo art show at Future Tenant Gallery and relates his harrowing struggles as an uninsured artist.

Video directed and edited by Tim Murray
Produced by Julie Sokolow
Original music by Dan Koshute



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