21 Posters

With the help of the Sprout Fund we commissioned 21 artists to create posters representing our documentary series.  The posters were judged by curators, artists, and producers representing the Carnegie Museum of Art, Criterion Collection, Warhol Museum, MASS MoCA, and Steeltown Film Factory.

21 Artists (from top, left to right):  Dave D’Incau Jr. – Corey Escoto – Stephanie Armbruster – Doug Dean – Jim Rugg – Andy Scott – Seth Clark – Laurie Trok – Crystala Armagost – Jing Liu – Ben Quint-Glick – Lizzee Solomon – Jasen Lex – Steph Neary – Jeremy Marshall  – Abby Ryder – Hyla Willis – Megan Kopke – David Bernabo –  Mundania Horvath – Jenn Gooch

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