Advocacy Films / PSAs

A Healthy Democracy

Healthy Artists Producer Julie Sokolow explains the documentary series, the poster show, and the inspiration behind it all in a nutshell.

Co-Directed and cinematography by:  Anthony DeAngelis and Garret Jones 
Co-Directed and edited by:  Julie Sokolow


The Future of Health Care

One summer night, the Healthy Artists team partnered up with the indie glam-rock band Dazzletine to host a community-wide conversation around the topic: “The Future of Health Care”.  We invited health care advocates to explain the Affordable Care Act and single-payer healthcare in comprehensible terms. Then, we asked young people, the demographic most often uninsured and underinsured, to think about how we can change the system.

Directed by Garret Jones and Tim Murray
Edited by Julie Sokolow
Featuring the songs:   “Fox V. Hound” by Dan Koshute  and “McQueen Bear” by David Bernabo


Healthy Artists: The Movie

Healthy Artists: The Movie chronicles a revolutionary moment in 2013.  One city’s art scene stood up for universal health care.  The results were phenomenal!  Read the companion article in the New York Times.

Produced, directed, and edited  by Anthony DeAngelis and Garret Jones 
Featuring music by The Harlan Twins, David Bernabo, and Julie Sokolow 


Senator Ferlo on Single-Payer

PA State Senator Jim Ferlo talks about SB400, the PA single-payer health care bill.  Video filmed at the debut of Healthy Artists (the movie!) at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Directed by Garret Jones
Edited by Julie Sokolow
Featuring the song “Bootleg” off of the Black Mark album by Host Skull


The Affordable Care Act:  An Appeal

Daniel Menges is a 23-year-old photographer, artist, and recent college graduate who just moved to Pittsburgh, PA from NY.  He was just starting to get his footing when a bike accident left him with three fractured vertebrae.  Fortunately – because of the Affordable Care Act – his medical care is covered under his mother’s health insurance plan.  Although the ACA isn’t perfect, it’s a step in the right direction.  We made this video in the summer of 2012, weeks before the ACA faced the threat of repeal.  This video shows us why continued health care reform is so important.

Produced, directed, and edited by Julie Sokolow
Featuring the songs:   
“For Jacob with Malaria” and “You’re the Blues” by Boca Chica
“In Our Regalia” by Dan Koshute
 “Unitas” by Dazzletine

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