Healthy Artists Poster Exhibition. Photo by Ben Filio.

Healthy Artists was founded on the idea that artists, creatives, and young people can play an important role in making a humane health care system a reality.  Why?  They have a special stake in the issue.

Young adults (approx. ages 19-29) have historically comprised the largest uninsured pool in the U.S..  Recent college graduates in the arts and humanities have to struggle to pay off their college debt and find work, let alone worry about the astronomical cost of health care.  Creatives of all ages often work freelance, part-time, or non-traditional jobs that don’t provide any health insurance at all.

Obamacare is a step in the right direction, but its focus is on health insurance rather than actual health care.  In every other industrialized nation, universal health care provides full medical coverage and a sense of security to their citizens.  Americans are disadvantaged in comparison to their international counterparts.

Since 2012, the Healthy Artists project has put a human face to the issue of health care injustice in America, while collaborating with artists and young people to create change.  Our dedicated team has created over 40 video documentaries and in-depth artist Q&As that are available online for free.  We also hold art exhibitions, community film screenings, educational forums, and workshops.

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