Our Team

Alexandria Carbone  –  Writer & Social Media Assistant

Alexandria is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Fiction Writing program. She finds inspiration in traveling, which has taken her from Paris to Istanbul and beyond. In her free time she does yoga and forces herself to jog.  Living life with type one diabetes has made her look critically at the current health care system and understand the need for universal health care.


Asher Marie Coffield – Video Producer

Asher is a filmmaker and photographer who believes in social justice and a quality standard of living for all people.  Currently, she works as the Visual Media Specialist for Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.  She is a graduate of Point Park University’s Cinema and Digital Arts program and will be attending Emerson College in the fall to pursue an MFA in Media Art.  When she’s not working, she loves to experiment with analog photography, read travel guides, and watch John Carpenter movies.


Weenta Girmay – Writer & New Projects Developer

Weenta is a writer based in Pittsburgh.  She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh’s Creative Non-fiction program and was selected as a Hot Metal Bridge Graduate Fellow.  She enjoys writing about the arts, feminism, environmentalism, community development, and social justice. Her work has been featured in the Pittsburgh City Paper, the Pittsburgh Quarterly, and the Original Magazine, among others.


Sarah Huth – Video Producer & New Projects Developer

Sarah is a filmmaker and artist in her senior year at the University of Pittsburgh.  Prior to attending Pitt, she studied Cinema and Digital Arts at Point Park University, where she was trained in directing, cinematography, editing, producing, and art direction.  In her free time she enjoys painting, knitting, watching horror films, reading comics, collecting typewriters and Halloween decorations, and going on adventures.


Garret Jones – Video Producer, Co-Director/Editor of Healthy Artists (the movie!)

Garret Jones

Garret is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker residing in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the director, cinematographer, editor, and co-founder of Studio Corrida and has a diverse portfolio of video work including live production, music video, documentary, promo, and short film. His photography work includes but is not limited to portraiture, editorial, and live performance.


Dan Koshute – Video Producer

Dan is a Pittsburgh native and the fiery frontman of the infamous glam-rock band, Dazzletine.  The band’s debut record, “Heart, Mind, Bodies” was released just last year.  His travels across the U.S as a “poor, starving artist” have taught him the value and urgency of universal healthcare for all.  Dan is currently pursuing a degree at Duquesne University in English and Philosophy and planning a nation-wide summer tour with Dazzletine.


Daniel Menges – Video Producer & Assistant on New Projects

daniel menges Daniel is an artist and producer working in Pittsburgh.  Having earned his BFA studying photography and sculpture at the School of Art+Design at Purchase College, SUNY, he continues to maintain his own studio practice while also producing films, events, and other large-scale creative campaigns.  He is very excited to work with Healthy Artists to bring voices and visions of all kinds together in support of universal health care.


Lexi Miller-Golub – Writer & Social Media Assistant

Lexi is a Fiction Writing and Anthropology student at the University of Pittsburgh and a contributing writer to The Original Magazine.  She is planning a collaboration with photographer, Doug Scaggs, called “Overshadowed & Untold,” involving a cross-country adventure documenting 15 natural and under-explored locales. Aware that she won’t be protected by her parents’ health care plan forever, she feels affordable, universal health care is the way to go.


Tim Murray – Video Producer

Tim is a filmmaker and freelance videographer born and raised in Pittsburgh. He is a graduate of Denison University’s Cinema program and has collaborated with numerous artists and organizations. It is his goal to create compelling visual work that contributes to Pittsburgh’s community as well as society as a whole.



Rachel Nagelberg – Writer

rachel nagelbergRachel is a fiction writer living in the Bay Area, though originally from Philadelphia, PA. She holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of San Francisco, and is currently working on a novel entitled The Fifth Wall. Rachel considers herself a wellness activist and believes that community, art, and healthcare can work together to help bring back the original values of how a community flourishes and functions.


Nate Smith – Video Producer & Student Outreach

nate 2Nate is currently a student at the University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  He has produced several commercials and acts as president of Pitt in Hollywood and PCTV.  He volunteers with several organizations, combining his passion for film and doing good.



Julie Sokolow – Video Producer & Director and Founder of Healthy Artists

Julie is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and musician.  At nineteen, she released a lo-fi indie album Something About Violins that achieved acclaim from Pitchfork, The Washington Post, and Wire, among others.  She is currently shooting a feature-length documentary entitled Aspie Seeks Love, funded by a Creative Development Grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation.  She believes that if enough people speak out for universal health care, we can make it happen!


Scott Tyson, MD – Producer of Healthy Artists

Scott is a life-long activist, pediatrician, and patron of the arts.  He is the CEO of Pediatrics South, Pittsburgh’s largest independent pediatrics practice and the president of Health Care 4 All PA’s Education Fund, a nonprofit devoted to educating the public about health care reform.  Scott has spent several years advocating for single-payer.  Additionally, he co-runs Specter Studios, a Pittsburgh-based company that produces handmade masks, costumes, and props, and offers health care benefits to all of its artistic employees.


Jude Vachon – New Projects Consultant

Jude is a librarian, educator, health care advocate, and artist.  She is the director of Be Well! Pittsburgh, which connects low-income, uninsured Pittsburghers with health care resources.




Ella Weisser – Graphic Designer & Director of Youth Outreach

Ella is really interested in a lot of things, especially printmaking, evolution, the American South, and South America. Her favorite kind of art is probably religious art.  She is a senior at CAPA high school and also works for The Andy Warhol Museum as well as Artist Image Resource. She is pleased as punch to be working towards something as important as universal health care.

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