The Affordable Care Act – “An Appeal” – Short Film

Watch this and then sign this to support the Affordable Care Act!  Also, make sure to learn the benefits of the Affordable Care Act at Know Your Care.

Daniel Menges is a 23-year-old photographer, artist, and recent college graduate who just moved to Pittsburgh from NY.  He was just starting to get his footing when a bike accident left him with three fractured vertebrae.  Fortunately, because of the Affordable Care Act, his medical care is covered under his mother’s health insurance plan.  This compelling short film comes at just the right time – as the Affordable Care Act faces the threat of repeal in the coming weeks of June 2012.  Send this video along, get impassioned, and speak out about your right to affordable, quality health care.

Video produced, directed, and edited by Julie Sokolow

Daniel Menges, Alison Tan, and Margaret K. Reed

Featured Artists:
Eanna Holton, Robert Isenberg, Teresa Martuccio, Sigh MeltingStar, Mary Tremonte, Davon Magwood, Ken Bolden, and Jude Vachon

Music by:
Boca Chica, Dan Koshute, and Dazzletine

Special Thanks to:
Dr. Scott Tyson


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  1. Now do one on how elderly people are neglected in health care facilities. My mom died due to negligence in one of these places. I can’t get anyone to listen. Maybe a film will wake up some people and something can be done.

  2. Dan,
    had a nice talk with your mom tonight. go healthy artists. take care of the back. love, the fiddler

  3. I discovered what I was searching for. excellent post, thank you

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