Art, Coffee, and Politics, Oh My!

commonplace healthy artists 2PhotoS by Ben Filio

We’re happy to announce that 7 of our Healthy Artists posters will be hangin’ at Commonplace Coffee in Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh, PA) for the month of April!   Make sure to stop by, check out the art, and enter a dialogue about how the US health care system could work better for you and your community. We’ve got some free educational materials there for ya too!

Thanks again to the folks at Commonplace for hosting the show!  (Artists included from left to right:  Mundania Horvath, Jim Rugg, Andy Scott, Jing Liu, Doug Dean, Seth Clark, and Jasen Lex.)

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  1. Art consciousness on behalf of progressive change is a huge contribution! Onward to a better world, one art project at a time.
    Chuck Pennacchio
    Assoc Prof of History and Politics, Univ of the Arts in Philly

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