Vote for a Healthy Democracy!

In this 3 minute short, one grassroots documentary series (Healthy Artists!) attempts to unite a community for health care equality.  If the message resonates with you, please take a second to VOTE for our video and share it with your friends too!

This is our submission to the Looking@Democracy competition, a project by the Illinois Humanities Council and MacArthur Foundation.


Video by Healthy Artists & Studio Corrida
Written, Co-Directed, and Edited by: Julie Sokolow
Cinematography and Co-direction by: Anthony DeAngelis and Garret Jones (aka Studio Corrida)
Music by: Julie Sokolow

The Artists – Julie Sokolow, Eanna Holton, Davon Magwood, Mary Tremonte, Robert Isenberg, Jenn Gooch, & Sigh MeltingStar.

Other featured folks – Molly Rush of the Thomas Merton Center, Dan Byers of the Carnegie Museum of Art, and Heather Rae Martin of New Voices: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice

Special Thanks to: The Sprout Fund and Dr. Scott Tyson


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