No/Gloss Film Festival

gabe felice at future tenant The Intuition Artist

We’re pleased to announce that our film “The Intuition Artist” will enjoy its UK debut at the No/Gloss Film Festival this October!  Our short documentary features painter, Gabe Felice, as he sets up a psychedelic show at Future Tenant Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA.  Gabe describes what inspires him to create his work, as well as his struggles as an uninsured artist in America.

No/Gloss (as seen in BBC Films’ Great Film Festivals Collection), is the first ever DIY film festival in Leeds.  It celebrates do-it-yourself unconventional cinema from independent filmmakers from around the world.  Check out their program, consider submitting next year, and get your tickets to this years festival at the No/Gloss site!

The Intuition Artist was directed by Tim Murray, produced by Julie Sokolow, and scored by Dan Koshute.  Email to inquire about screening the film near you.

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