Navigating Obamacare: A Guide for Freelancers and the Self-Employed

guinea-pig-captainEtsy Print of a Guinea Pig Navigator by Lesley DeSantis

2014 is fast approaching and the Obamacare enrollment clock is ticking!  Some folks have been asking us how to get signed up, so we wanted to relay the deets:  If you want health care coverage by January 1st 2014, it is crucial to enroll by December 23rd 2013.  If you miss the deadline, be aware that open enrollment continues until March 31st 2014.

Here at Healthy Artists, we’re thankful for folks like Rob Cullen, a CMU writing graduate who devotes his talent to demystifying the health care system.  He just published an article called “An Obamacare Guide for Freelancers and the Self-Employed” at   Learn how to report your (often unpredictable) income as a freelancer or self-employed person to the Obamacare marketplace.  Check it out!

Back in August 2012, Rob spoke at our “Future of Health Care” event on how artists and freelancers can make Obamacare work for them.  70% of Americans don’t know they’re eligible for major tax credits.  For example, let’s say you’re a single, creative freelancer making about $18,000 a year.  You’ll only pay about $775 a year (that’s about $65 a month) for a sliver plan.  Not too shabby!  (Also:  For some folks, silver plans will be cheaper than lower-level bronze plans, so make sure to explore all your options).

Learn more and sign up at and use the Kaiser subsidy calculator to find out how much you’ll pay.  If you have any trouble with the online application, you can meet with a trained navigator in person who will find the best plan for you.  For example, if you live in Pittsburgh, PA call the Consumer Health Coalition at (412) 456-1877.  Ask to meet with one of their navigators, and they’ll be happy to help.  

Wishing you all a healthy holiday!

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