The Future of Health Care

One summer night, the Healthy Artists team partnered up with the indie glam-rock band, Dazzletine, to host a community-wide conversation around the topic: “The Future of Health Care”. We invited health care advocates to explain the Affordable Care Act and Single Payer Healthcare in comprehensible terms. Then, we asked young people, the demographic most often uninsured and underinsured, to creatively workshop their health care stories and think about how we can change the system.

See full performances from Dazzletine of the songs: Plumage, Unitas, Treatise, Hark, and Skin Period.

Video by Garret Jones and Tim Murray
Edited by Julie Sokolow
Featuring the songs:
“Fox V. Hound” by Dan Koshute
“McQueen Bear” by David Bernabo


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  1. Great event, powerful messages, affecting video.

    Thanks Julie, et al.


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