MLK Rally Video Shot with iPhone 5s Featured in HuffPo

Stills from iPhone-shot MLK Rally Video

On Monday, we rallied with UPMC Hospital workers who struggle to earn living wages.  We sang and marched and spoke out!  Watch our 2 minute video, featured in HuffPo. The video testifies to the democratization of filmmaking, as we shot it only using an iPhone 5s.

While the CEO of the “non-profit” hospital UPMC makes $6 million/year, many workers struggle to survive.  Some cannot even afford the very health care provided by the hospital they work in.  We stand with the workers for their rights and also, against the corrupt for-profit model of health care.  Single-payer universal health care would drastically improve the root problem of our health care system and have a positive ripple effect in myriad dimensions of American life.  Speak out and stand up in your town!

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