Healthy Artists: The Movie

Healthy Artists: The Movie chronicles a revolutionary moment in 2013 – One city’s art scene stood up for universal health care. The results were phenomenal!

Documentary by Garret Jones and Anthony DeAngelis.  Healthy Artists is made possible by HealthCare4AllPA’s Education Fund.  Please make a donation to their advocacy efforts towards winning a single-payer system in PA (and the USA)!


Featuring (in order of appearance):
Julie Sokolow – Producer of Healthy Artists
Seth Clark – Artist/Designer
Laurie Trok – Paper Cut Artist
Hadley Pratt – Writer/Editor at Original Magazine
Jude Vachon- Artist/Health Care Advocate
Jen Hedges – Owner of Modern Formations Gallery
Brett Yasko – Director of Design at MASS MOCA
Lisa Smith-Reed – Producer at Steel Town Film Factory
Mac Howison – Program Officer at The Sprout Fund
Andy Scott – Artist/Illustrator
Lizzee Solomon – Artist/Sculptor
Jim Rugg – Artist/Illustrator
Steph Neary – Artist/Illustrator
Dan Byers – Curator at Carnegie Museum of Art
Molly Rush – Co-Founder of the Thomas Merton Center
Heather Rae Martin – Health Care Advocate at New Voices PGH

Clips from the Series ( of Artists:
Jenn Gooch – Musician/Artist/Crafter
Sigh MeltingStar – Mixed Media Artist
Eanna Holton – Sculptor/Model
Davon Magwood – Comedian/Musician
Mary Tremonte – Printmaker/DJ
Robert Isenberg – Writer/Photojournalist

Featured Music:
“Mama Joe”
“Canine Teeth”
“These Are the Days”
by The Harlan Twins

“McQueen Bear”
by David Bernabo

“The Newest Thing”
“The Channel”
by David Bernabo + Assembly

“Falling Long”
“The Kinda Girl I Like”
“End March”
by Julie Sokolow

Poster Show
Promo Design by:
Jasen Lex

Supporting Camera/Interviewer:
Beano Gee

Fe Gallery footage:
Matt Dayak

Special Thanks to:
The Sprout Fund
Health Care 4 All PA
The Pittsburgh Community
Senator Jim Ferlo
Jon Schwartz
Michael Moore

Additional Poster Artists:
Ben Quint-Glick
Stephanie Armbruster
Megan Kopke
David Bernabo
Jenn Gooch
Dave D’Incau Jr.
Jasen Lex
Abby Ryder
Mundania Horvath
Doug Dean
Crystala Armagost
Jing Liu

Jeremy Marshall
Corey Escoto
Hyla Willis

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