NYT Story + Extra Artist Photos


Filmmaker Julie Sokolow, Poster Image by Jenn Gooch, Photo by Jeff Swensen

“I wanted to take a more positive approach, to not just focus on health care horror stories, but the people who would be empowered by a universal health care system,” Ms. Sokolow said.

The New York Times profiled Healthy Artists!  Read the full article here.

While NYT reporter Ben Sisario was visiting Pittsburgh, we introduced him to the “Unblurred” Art Crawl Scene on Penn Ave.  Skipping from one gallery to the next, we encountered a whirlwind of fabulous artists, friends and advocates.  We even bumped into Eanna Holton and China Horrell, who appear in the Healthy Artists documentary series. Brilliant photographer Jeff Swensen captured the action:

Photo Captions: 1) Studio Corrida Filmmakers Garret Jones and Anthony DeAngelis with GPAC Artist Relations Coordinator, Christiane Leach. 2) Julie Sokolow at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh, PA. 3) Artist Jia Ji and Julie Sokolow at Modern Formations Gallery. 4) Comic book artists, Dan McCloskey and Maggie Negrete. 5) Specter Studios Artist, China Horrell. 6) Nina Sauer, Co-Owner of Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. 7) Specter Studios artist, Eanna Holton. 8) Jason Sauer, Co-Owner of Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. 9) Eanna Holton and her son. 10) Paula Levin, Founder of The Literary Arts Boom (The LAB). 11) Installation at Assemble, a community space for art and technology. 12)  One Pittsburgh advocates, Eric Shannon and John Fitzgerald.

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