Good Jobs, Healthy Pittsburgh Day of Action – March 3rd!

Make It Our UPMC

On March 3rd, rally with our friends at Make It Our UPMC in downtown Pittsburgh!  These incredible advocates strive for social justice in Pittsburgh – to support UPMC workers’ efforts to earn the living wages they deserve and need to survive.

UPMC is a global health enterprise and the largest employer, health provider, and landowner in Pittsburgh.  Despite its charitable, non-profit status it pays thousands of workers so little that they have to rely on food stamps, housing subsidies, and even public healthcare to get by.

Across our city, people are standing up and demanding that UPMC do better.  Join Make It Our UPMC on March 3rd for an all-day rally: “Good Jobs, Healthy Pittsburgh Day of Action.”  The rally starts at 12 pm – US Steel Tower, 600 Grant St. in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.  Learn more at the Facebook Event Page.

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